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On anti-junk





What's wrong with this picture?


For a while now, because of its scarcity, the Amulet of Accuracy's price has been artificially inflated by price manipulators as a tool to get around Grand Exchange price limits. Unfortunately for them, Jagex has caught on, and the amulet is getting booted back down to worthless newbie trash again, as it should be.




This isn't the first time Jagex has taken action to pop anti-junk bubbles. Previously targeted items include mint cakes:






...and blood talismans:






Now, I've heard it expressed that Jagex is playing whack-a-mole on this issue, bursting bubbles without fixing the underlying problems with the Grand Exchange that are inflating them in the first place. I agree. Knocking down items like these one at a time can only be a temporary measure at best--until something is done about the trade limits, we can always expect a replacement to sprout up to fill that space in the economy.


Looking past that, though, isn't it interesting how price manipulation created a catalyst for a positive change like this one? It was a little strange how the reward from Imp Catcher could never be reobtained while something like Excalibur had an unlimited supply. What? :-s


The Amulet of Accuracy can now reclaim its proper place as the poor man's Power Amulet. So, once again, the day is saved, thanks to...price manipulators!




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I lol'd at the powerpuff girls pic. and yeah, this is putting bandaids on a guy who's been cut in half.

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amulet of power: 3909

amulet of accuracy: 5100



Yeah, I know, right? That was a surprise. Your guess is as good as mine. :mellow:

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