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Hail to the pickaxe.




I always wanted to make a runescape blog on tipit detailing some of the experiences in-game. I nearly did so when I went for 100 dungeoneering, in the end I was just too lazy. But now, with the summer I have some time to kill.


When I started runescape, mining was my favourite skill, there was just something awesome about getting stuff out of the ground and using it to make weapons/armour and lots of other stuff. However in f2p at least, mining just becomes the largest click and grind fest of any game I've played. Add to that the inevitable confrontation over spot crashers and competition, I soon lost interest. But some of that love of mining remains. As I have played for quite a few years now, I think I have experienced nearly every major type of gameplay f2p runescape has to offer. Except of course rune mining :wink: , so here it is, the push to 85 mining.


I guess the first thing is to post a pic of my current stats:




I am approx. 1.3mil xp away from my target. I plan to reach 85 mining over 3 months. Sounds like alot but I don't play for very often each day. My plan is to do 14k-15k xp a day, which should take around 20/30mins and that is the maximum non-stop clicking I can take :rolleyes:. I will be mining iron ore obviously.


The spot I use is in the dwarven mines in front of the resource dungeon. I like to bank the ores to use later for smithing. Bots aren't much of a problem for iron mining as I react faster than they are programmed to do in almost every case. I generally use W61 or any Uk servers.


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All hail!


Glad to see another F2P'er experiencing the joy that is mining. <3: You've set an excellent goal for yourself. Good luck with it. :thumbsup:

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