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#22: 99 Slayer & Other Musings




As stated here, I finally got 99 slayer. This leaves just three more skills to get to 99 for a max cape.


These past few months have been rather incredible for me, getting so many 99s in such rapid succession. In some ways, I should have expected it to eventually happen, but at the same time I find it funny that I could have done the same thing many years ago if I wasn't so stubborn and got members back in the day.


I don't regret those years on F2P though. It's helped me avoid making one of those "We Pay, We Say" pointless arguments when people bring up game changing discussions, and honestly it's probably made me more tolerable of some skills (although Agility is quite... blargh).


So all I have left now is to get Runecrafting from 95 to 99 (which I'm doing now), Hunter from 88 to 99, and Agility from 91 to 99. No set date on when I will max, because I'd like to get 120 Dungeoneering before 99 Agility so that I can have true max of 2496. So that's about 500 dungeons, give or take a couple dozen, assuming mostly surviving heh. We'll see how things go I suppose.


Thanks to all my friends for their support over the years, and I'm not just talking about in-game too. Many of the people I met from the Tip.it community I can honestly call good friends because they've looked out for me as I would look out for them, just like my friends in real life. You guys are honestly just some of the best people in the community. <3:


Let the journey continue.





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Gogogo, Ami! You're nearly there now, and we'll all be there for you when you get that cape. :thumbsup:

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