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Wishing it would rain



It is really hot in Chicago.


Complaining about the weather doesn't really solve the problem, but how many summer must I go in this heat? 90 degrees outside feels like 95 in my apartment, and the lack of a air conditioner that can run with the TV on is bothersome. In bed, in the kitchen, on the back porch, anywhere is like hell. I need someone to save me from this heat, I need rain.


Aside from the heat, I've started summer school. Okay, not really. More like, I've started to self study Biology. My plan is to student over break then test out come the first week of school, Reviewing how Chemistry and Physics 2 went, I was to avoid taking a science lab class with other courses not GECs. Hopefully it will work out for me. Last thing I wanna do is get to my last semester and panic over a biology grade.




In RS I actually made 78 mining thanks in large part to LRC. While sitting on world 77 it become almost AFK-able, so 100k exp a day is now a reasonable amount. It sucks I have to run RS in min settings and I could very well die here even with armor. But ignoring those problems LRC is pretty sweet. So much so, I actually boosted to lvl 77 to mine the coal down there, so much so my combat stats were in the single digits at one point (8 across). I must have drank like 55 Dwarven Stouts. Very dangerous, but worth it. Aside from watching bots die, I actually made 43 thieving and 76 defense while doing the barrows minigame. Being 19k from a constitution lvl, I hope I can hit at the same time I grab an attack lvl since I'm 42k from there.


I've also been questing, the sole purpose of it to get rewards, one in particular. I actually enjoy Barrows a lot, so to make it profitable and easier I'm working to a Draken necklace (?) and Ancient magic.


In any event, I hope tomorrow in cooler. Probably won't thou.


And as always, please post.

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I feel your pain. It's supposed to go up to 42C (107F) here today, and, of course, the A/C in the building I'm taking training in isn't working. <_<


Congrats on the levels. :thumbsup:

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