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Working on 99 #24: Agility via Flash Powder Factory




So as some of you already have seen from my status updates and occasionally in the official unofficial HYT chat hosted by Serpent Eye, or in the DGS clan chat, I've been playing the Flash Powder Factory (FPF) mini-game in hopes to gain enough Brianpoints to get 99 agility.


Now, this method is slow. By slow I mean for 10 Brianpoints, you get 950 XP, for 100 Brianpoints you get 9500 XP, for 1000 Brianpoints you get 95,000 XP, and for 10,000 Brianpoints you get 950,000 XP. For every hour you would play 4 full rounds, and about 60% of another round as the hour ends. Assuming you get the maximum Brianpoints (155) for each round (requiring a minimum of 1000 points in the FPF, you would get 61,750 per hour (this is assuming you get the minimum 1000 points in the FPF needed for Brianpoints for each round to get 155 Brianpoints).


Now I know a lot of you will tell me this: That is painfully slow. On average you're probably looking more realistically just the four full rounds, which would equal to only 58,900 per hour. But let me give the two reasons why I am doing this if you haven't heard already.

  1. I'm tired of going around in laps for hours on end. It is monotonous. @[email protected]
  2. It gives me an excuse to determine the maximum number of Brianpoints that can be held at one time (I have been told it's 50,000 but I'd like to confirm it myself, and since I'm going to have to get over that anyway, it works).

I'm pretty sure there are more if I think of them, but those are the main reasons why I'm doing Flash Powder Factory. Plus it's fun to run around in full Factory Outfit that I thankfully got before they nerfed the point system. XD


I'm well over halfway my current goal now, although that number changes quite often. :P Just a wee bit short of 97 agility at the moment with the Brianpoints I have now (35,737). Time to get back to work in between getting 120 Dungeoneering! :D



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