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June BTS




It's been an age since I last posted anything here, so let's do a list of the updates that most interest me.

  • Ranged Slayer Dungeon: I have 91 Ranged and 93 Slayer. This is a good way to level up both and gives me some content to work towards.
  • Divination Skill: Been looking forwards to this ever since the new skills were announced.
  • Dwarf Finale Quest: I voted for this and would like to see the end of the storyline. I'm disappointed there's no graphical reworks coming with it though.
  • Barrows Brothers Deluxe: I like Barrows although I don't do them often, so this should be interesting.
  • Player-Owned Ports Expansion: Awesome. I'm done with the storylines and could use more. I still have plenty of scrolls to get though, so hopefully it'll hold off until I've gotten more, since I'm sure more scrolls are coming with it.
  • Quest: Bringing Home the Bacon: It's about time for a new quest.
  • Upgraded Tool Belt with New Tools: Yesplz. Only thing I can really think of that I want shoved on is the teasing stick, but I'm sure there's plenty more that can go on.
  • 6th Age Quests 1, 2, 3 and 4: More quests are definitely needed after the first half of this year.
  • Grouping System: Depending on how this works, I may do various minigames more often (or at all).
  • Construction Rework: Long overdue. And as I have 94 Construction, it'll actually do me some good.
  • New bank interface: Sounds good. Maybe there'll be some more tabs to help me better organize things.



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