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Unicows, Swordchicks & Frogeels; Oh my!

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Finally got around to finishing the Ardougne achievement diary today. Probably wont be getting the Elite tasks done for a while yet as that summoning level is going to take ages to reach.


[spoiler=Oh my!]gallery_124794_87_173160.png



I also just got off for my 5 day term break so I've been playing a lot of fast stealing creation because I'm hoping to go from 70-80 (possibly 85) construction tomorrow. I have around 100 more points to get which should only take me a little over an hour.


But now I'm tired so I'm going to sleep, cutting this dull blog short. (Hooray!) :P

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Too bad unicows are only about 500k/hour with Cape 3, maxed stats, extreme pots, void, et al. I was hoping to have a good, semi worthwhile method to get my own horns.

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