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Enter Xin Anmi, a.k.a. Pengew

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ForsakenMage decided to go on vacation. After many long years, she decided it was time for a break, and took off on her own to my dismay. Now and again she'll come back, make a few necklaces, then zoom off again to some random part of the Kingdom of Misthalin.


Before she left, I asked her who would keep me company during her absence. She thought for a moment.


"Xin Anmi can keep you company."


"Xin Anmi?"


"My protege."


"Since when did you have a protege?"


"Since you weren't paying too much attention. She's a fairly decent fisher."


"Combat?" I received a smart rap on the head with the pommel of ForsakenMage's Rune Scimitar. "Hey! That hurt!"


"Does it matter what combat she is? She could prove to be a great companion."


"Why do you say that?"


"Well for one thing she's been to Taverly."


"Wait, what?"


"And Camelot, Catherby, the Gnome Agility Course-"


"Wait, wait, wait! Hold on a second! Are you telling me she's -"


"Yes, she's one of them."


I just stared at ForsakenMage for a moment, then winced, and finally cringed. "You're going to toss me out into a strange world with little to no guidance?"


"I'm sure she knows what to do."


"Are you kidding me?! That's another nine skills I need to read up on so that we can cooperate! And that's on top of the other fifteen that I need to update myself on!"


ForsakenMage showed no sympathy. "It's high time you've studied some more anyway." With a flourish, she threw a copy of A Hitchhiker's Guide to the P2P Worlds of RuneScape and started to pack up her bag. "You'll be fine."


Saradomin, have pity on me!


"See you later! I'll send Xin Anmi right away to you."


"Wait, what...?!" There wasn't much else I could do as ForsakenMage disappeared before me. A few moments later, a girl wearing a pink stylish hat, a pink shirt, a pink short skirt, pink boots, and a pink cape wandered over to me. The only thing that wasn't pink was her Games Necklace and the gold glint that I saw from her finger that was I later on found out was her Ring of Charos.


"Hey! I'm Xin Anmi, but you can call me Pengew! Are we all ready to go, partner?"


"Um, yea, but can I ask you a favor first?"


"What is it?" Pengew asked eagerly.


"Tone the pink down."


"Okay!" Pengew skipped over to the bank, coming back wearing Lederhosen shorts, a brown apron, and Myre snelm. "Is this okay?"


"Erm, on second thought, go back to the pink."


"Okay!" As Pengew skipped away to change, I hit my head on the desk a few times. She really had no proper sense of decency. Both outfits were short and skimpy, but at least the pink looked more presentable.


"So what are we going to do today, Ami?"


"Can you slay dragons yet?"


"Um, yea, but I need to use a lot of food."


"What about abyssal demons?"


"Don't know how."


"Do you know how to catch shark?"


"Can't, too weak."


Oh god.


"So what can you do?"


"Um, I can fish herring."


This was going to be a long... oh shoot, ForsakenMage didn't even say how long she was going to be gone! I must've looked horrified because Pengew looked at me worriedly.


"Ami? Are you okay?"


"Huh? Oh yea, fine. Let's just go see what quests we can do in the meantime. How are your combat skills exactly?"




"Don't answer that."





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