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Rabbit Rabbit!

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If you don't get the title of this blog entry go look it up on google. ;)


Only three weeks until winter break!


Not much has happened since my last blog entry. I saw New Moon and 2012 in theatres with my friends last weekend and the weekend before that. Neither movie was of Oscar winning quality (although 2012 had some nice special effects) but nonetheless they were still good movies. I also started teaching myself html and now know pretty much the basics of coding with it, so I'm working on a simple (very simple) webpage to hand in for my IT course. Of course with learning html you also get to learn the joys of making things work in IE6 properly. (Seriously why do schools insist on using such an outdated browser?) With the forums down over the past couple of days I've actually been able to catch up on all my school work so now I only have to review for my physics test on forces and my math test on combinatorics.


Got level 81 runecrafting but that's about it for Runescape. The community event was lots of fun though; took me a while to finish the clues on the last day.


I'll end this blog with a recommendation, if you're looking for a site with fun games you should check out http://www.omgpop.com/ :)

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:[] Probability is a difficult unit. Have you forsaken Animation? Html sound hardcore


Gratz on 81 rc! only 10 to go.

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