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Runescpe through a pure's eyes

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88 hunter! Expecting 99 within the next week!


Now on to my real topic. Lately I have noticed that alot of people hate pures. Why, you ask? I belive that it all started with staking. Many pures would trick mains by freezing them with mage and ranging or continuosly casting magic. The truth is, there is nothing wrong with that. Your loss is our gain. We use money to pk, and purchase supplies and weaponry. We then eventually die and the economy circulates. All pkers help the economy. An issue with many people is that pures are considered arrogant, or very unkind. This is not true, except for some. I belive that this sterotype came from the fact that we pures think we are ownage.(Sometimes this is true.) I sound so cheesy, so I'm going to move on.


Life as a pure is quite good. We love to pk, but don't mind working hard. I have to take extreme caution not to raise defence. I have already gotten two defence by accident. A big plus is that I already even have some fans! \:D/


Another issue of concern is that I see many advertisements for RuneScape macros. I have an increasing number of people stealing my hunter spots, and sometimes I cannot even make a modest living because macros crash the prices of items such as snape grass.


I guess that's it for today. See you tommorow.






Helpful tip of the day: Need magic experience and a profit? Try enchanting air orbs!

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