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92 Slayer, 82 Prayer, IRL news, future goals.



Greetings and salutations. Tomorrow morning my girlfriend and I will be heading down South to our hometown for Christmas. Because I wont be coming back till nearly January, and because I'll be extremely busy catching up with friends, relatives, etc, I wont have any time to play Runescape for the next two weeks. That said, I thought it'd be in my best interest to post my most recent accomplishments while outlining my future plans for RS.


The first is 92 Slayer, which I managed to achieve about two weeks ago. I'm currently around 200k experience from 93, so I figured that I'd set my next Slayer goal at 95. I'll also be getting 99 HP and, hopefully, 92 Summoning. I've found the Geyser Titan to be by far the best combat familiar I've had yet (which makes plenty of sense, as it's the highest level combat familiar I can use). It's, in my opinion, miles ahead of the Swamp Titan. I've also found the unicorn to be incredibly helpful in everyday 'scaping, including quests such as Blood Runs Deep where it kept me very much alive the whole time.




The second is 82 Prayer. I had originally wanted 80 as it was my only combat stat below that, but three or four days after making it my goal, Temple at Senntisten came out and I decided that Leech Strength would be beneficial, so I went for 82. Blood Runs Deep got me the last 450k experience that I needed while saving me a pretty hefty chunk of cash. From hereon I'll probably be spending the majority of my money on Herblore and Prayer, needing 85 and 92, respectively.




I've decided that getting 100 rank in MA is not worth the lost time at this point in my Runescape career. I'll definitely be getting 300 sometime after maxing combat and Slayer, but it's an unnecessary diversion right now. I'm still going for all 70+, needing only a couple more Runecrafting levels and 9 Construction levels to get there. A few days ago I hit the 1,900 total level milestone, but I feel that it's a bit low for my combat level (130), so I didn't bother taking a picture or anything. I wont be getting 2,000 total for a long, long time.


After completing my skilling goal of all 70+, I will only train Agility, Herblore, Firemaking, and maybe Construction on my way to 99 Slayer. I can't think of any other skill that's worth doing till then. These plans may change should Jagex release extreme potion equivalents for other skills. I want Agility for the Kuradal's dungeon shortcuts, Herblore for extreme potions, Firemaking because I like it and I want an adze, and Construction for my own gilded altar. (It's a pain in the [wagon] trying to find altars to use.)


So, to sum things up (as I'm unnecessarily wordy at times), my current goals are:


All skills 70+



95 Slayer


99 HP


92 Summoning


92 Prayer


85 Herblore



It's possible that I may post them as I reach them, but we'll see. I'm not totally sure if I'll be able to accumulate enough money from 96 to 99 HP to afford 92 Prayer and 85 Herblore. I make the vast majority of my money through Slayer, so I'm banking on Kuradal's penchant for giving me profitable tasks while still trying to slay as fast as possible, as I've always done.


Thanks for reading,

Morningrise333 / Obtaurian


EDIT: Just for giggles, I'm going to start counting how many Dark Beasts I can kill before I get my first bow drop. I've killed roughly 3,000 since getting 90 Slayer, the vast majority of those being after Kuradal's release. I've yet to have a dark bow.


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