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85 Magic, more proof of ADD/ADHD.

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I got 85 Magic a few hours before it officially became 2010. I'm very happy about that. I also had to get a keyboard my dad had downstairs since mine broke. I hate it, because it doesn't have a print screen button, it's for a Mac and I have Windows, and the arrow keys are the size of an ant. But whatever. I got 46 herblore, 79 attack, I leveled up runecrafting twice to 57, and I got 46 summoning. Not too bad. I tried a bit of Barrows, hoping for an item, but no dice. I did manage to break even though.

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To screenshot, it's cmd+shift+3.

Yes, but my Windows computer doesn't register the Command key or something. There isn't a Print Screen button either. I am, however, going to download swiftkit, so that problem is eliminated.

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