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Finally after almost two weeks of studying, working on projects and revising some more I'm almost done all of my finals. :D


Yesterday was the last day of my Mathematics and Information Technology classes and today I finished both my English and Physics courses. Now all I have left to do is revise for my Math provincial worth 40% of my mark which is on this upcoming Tuesday.


Both my Math and IT courses ended off on good notes, my teacher seemed to really like my flash portfolio and I ended up getting 98% on my mock final in math. In English I had a good presentation which was based on the concept of freedom. However Physics didn't go as well as I hoped so I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that I do well enough to keep my 95% average.


Now I'm sitting here taking a break from so much stress and rubbing my head in hopes that the headache I got a couple of hours ago will go away. :-? Going to go try out War of Legends now and the Barbarian Assault Update. BA is one of my favourite minigames so I'll probably be spending a good amount of time there again for the next few days.


Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to make the TET's Legend of a Fire King event. I'd encourage anyone who does read this to go as well. :)

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