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Moving and Barbarian Assault.



In a previous blog, I mentioned that my girlfriend and I live together. Sadly, starting in two days, our living arrangements come to an end. Fear not, however, for our relationship is still very much intact, and I'm happy to report that our no longer living together is due to our financial and educational situations. I have not been able to secure job since October, when I lost my position at an Italian restaurant. I've also discovered that graduation requirements at my college differ greatly from the requirements at my previous one. So, after much discussion, we've decided that I should move back to Southern California to finish up my two year degree and save some money.


Have I mentioned that I'm a musician and amateur producer? Have I mentioned that paying for an apartment and school severely limits one's ability to purchase decent (if any) recording software and equipment? 'Tis true, sadly. Moving back home will allow me to save money for all of these nice things that I want, as well as allow me to continue my education. I should graduate within the next six months, assuming that I can get into any classes, of course. <_< Funding for my school has been cut severely by the state.


So, aside from that, I've been spending the past few days doing nothing on Runescape but playing Barbarian Assault. In just one night and a couple hours the next morning, I was able to obtain level five in the roles of attacker, defender (amazing, right?), and healer. I'm only a level four collector, sadly. I still need another fifty points for level five. :wink:


I've come to enjoy BA, which may be because there are so many people playing right now. It's extraordinarily easy to find good teammates, thankfully. I'll be getting full penance over the next week (after all of this moving business, of course) so that I can easily secure decent teams, which will allow me to quickly fill my penance horn, thing. I hate training agility, so I'm taking full advantage of the opportunity to use that horn.


Ninety-nine hitpoints is coming along slowly but surely. Minergoo (Puppyking) is quickly gaining on me in our race. I'm not worried about him beating me, though. I can just dump all of my money into prayer potions and power-slay if he comes close. :grin:


I'm getting very close to ninety-seven attack, strength, and defense. I've decided to mage-slay to ninety-seven magic as soon as I hit ninety-nine hitpoints. It's going to be an expensive process, but I'm happy to report that I own some of the best mage gear in the game sans arcane spirit shield and seers' ring (i). Did you know that an Ardougne cape 3 provides a +6 magic attack bonus and a +6 prayer bonus? You sacrifice only four points in magical offense for a huge boost in prayer. I'll be blogging my progress once I start. I hope to make a guide to mage-slaying in the future, so I'll also be recording experience rates, costs, etc. I'm a little skeptical that I can even afford to do it, but farming herbs, papayas, cactus spines, and whiteberries should help a little.


Sorry, no pictures.



Obtaurian / Morningrise333

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