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  1. What is considered 'skull leveled' crew? I have 2 golems with one mainly combat and the other a balanced mix of combat/morale.


    The rest of my crew, I've been aiming for specific stats (Varrock Chefs for Morale, Brimhaven Pirates/Eastern Musketeers for Combat and Eastern Guide/Overseer for Seafaring) but its those voyages that require you both or all high-leveled stats that I can't do.

  2. I've just recently returned to members after, 6 months and just begun doing my Player Owned Ports. It looks a hella fun which I've begun to strive for Tetsu Armour. Problem is, the Skull Region requires a very high stats (4000+ Seafaring, 6000+ Combat) and my ship and crew can't handle that. I get a maximum of 28% success rate which I know is taken from the lowest stat in the voyage.


    Should I concentrate on the Arc Region to level up my crew and horde as much Bamboo/Chimes? Or am I doing something wrong here.

  3. After retiring before the EOC update, I somehow find myself returning to this game. With utterly nothing in the bank except for a set of Rune, 2m cash and a chaotic rapier/longsword, any ideas how to make some easy cash?


    I hear everything's much simpler but it also means a lot of things made redundant. I might farm Clue Scrolls again, if the items are still worth something :3

  4. Hm, I see. Its a shame I live in New Zealand (All the way at the bottom of the world; hardly anyone knows where New Zealand is. Or what it is) and sites like Funimation are quite restricted down here. I would use Toonami, but I would have to have to pay extra a month for it in the form of satellite.


    I did used to download heavily all sorts of anime and 'shared' them with my friends. But with the fear of being caught, file-sharing sites countering piracy, and lack of space on my hard drives, I've stopped so how. I've been managing my anime through random sites like Crunchyroll and AnimeFushigi which eats a bit of my bandwidth but just enough that I don't end up on dial up.

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