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  1. Parasyte just started, it's an adaptation of a fantastic action/horror manga. The story should be interesting enough if it follows the original, and I was really concerned about animation quality (I'm not putting up with goddamn CGI for action scenes ever again) but it turned out pretty good:

    (Hidden for creepiness I guess)

  2. Nex have you ever dm'd for 3.5e before? Are you good with max/min shit if so?


    And finally: think we could ever manage a runescape based 3.5e campaign or would pathfinder be more homebrew friendly to fit it into runescape's "world"

    I have never successfully DM'd for anything ever because I'm lazy


    I don't know 3.5


    And what is Runescape


    (Also Pathfinder is fairly adaptable with flavour, but a significant chunk of material is limited by strictly Pathfinder-setting-related things, so it might be less than ideal. I suggest asking around- maybe on Giant in the Playground forums, just for how many people can answer back)

  3. Can someone recommend me a good romantic comedy anime? Preferably something like Toradora, but I'm not too picky. (I've already seen Golden Time and I'm currently downloading Nisekoi)

    Berserk :kappa:


    No but umm let me think


    Tonari no Kaibutsu-Kun?

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