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  1. Sincerely did you guys see that you slipped in flame war totally out of topic? I will leave to forum guys to drop warnings, but i really wish to mention that as Grammar is important thing, still there is a lot of people who you will encounter on internet, that live in other countries and English is not first but second or third language for them. There can be people who don't write or speak very well but can have valid ideas and contributions to discussions and with flaming them over language mistakes is in end a big lose, helping them by pointing on its mistakes is a lot longer way and maybe even unsuccessful but even if you help them recognize and correct one error it can be one small step on long way ;)

  2. thanks all on support, this mean a lot!




    Thanks for your hard work and determination!




    Is there any legal action you can take against the two major attacks to our site?




    We are doing what we can, but major decision is if we wish to spend all our next years web maintenance and upgrades to pay some lawyer and not even be sure he will win a case :(, when someone piss us enough we move all we can, and in end they finish in hands of law but it is long process and there is a way too low or better to say no help from who have to help sites like ours.




    To the guy who said people who DDOS have no life, you have no idea how fun it is to do in groups lol. You split your sides laughing at how funny it is. And you can't really take legal action, I doubt the authorities really care if a fan site is being DDOS'd. But the person according to you, hired someone and thats the sad thing. But GJ, tip.it crew and administration for thrawting their attempts. And the community is defiantly worth it way to go.




    This attack tip.it with tens of thousands of automated boots, and still they dont have enough force to keep us down ;), it is not a kind of attack where you and 100 guild members "DDOS" other guild site :) this is done with botnet, you can read about it here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Botnet

  3. All was quiet...




    Or was it?




    While everyone rested...




    Your fearless leader was waging a war... My own home had been infiltrated by terrifying legions of the enemy!




    Thousands of... no, hundreds of--








    Two bats... but I fought them valiantly, trying to remain brave and strong for all of you, knowing that


    everything depended on my courage. The world would be safe! I would make it so! Finally, after fighting on and


    on, with everything I had. I won the battle and the intruders had been removed!




    I spoke to some people soon after, causing them a little confusion about the battle.





    [5] silverion says: ARGHHH enemy sent 2 batman to attack command room i was fighting to the last blood


    [5] silverion says: damn i'm all wet it was hopping and squeeking all around they dont get out of


    window even if i was using all heavy weapons on them damn bats




    They seemed fearful that my mind was gone.




    [5] DarkDude says: Yeah, Silv is gone...


    [5] Snipersas says: ? what lol


    [5] pokemama says: wth are you playing?




    Some even tried to leave.




    [5] Turtle sneaks toward the door




    [5] Howlin joins Turtle




    So I explained a little better.




    [5] silverion says: lol 2 bats got in my room i was trying to push them out of the window




    [5] pokemama says: two REAL bats?




    [5] silverion says: yes REAL bats never happened before




    They seemed to understand the situation a little better. Or did they?




    [5] Nic O says: Che è stato divertente silv inglese! Mi è stato così difficile ridere! Hahaha




    [5] DarkDude has no idea what just happened




    And others helped them to understand.




    [5] Turtle says: There were bats...


    [5] Snipersas says: and they attacked silv apparently


    [5] Turtle says: and Nic thought Silv's english was funny




    I explained the battle more clearly. They needed to understand the heavy weapons that I was using. Never


    underestimate a broom and an old shirt! I also needed to make sure there were no more of the bats lurking in my






    [5] silverion says: lol i was battling 2 bats in left hand i have a broom and in right a old


    tshirt :P




    [5] silverion says: damn now i have to go to bedroom and close window .. and check all around if enemy


    penetrated rest of area and is waiting in hiding ..




    [5] silverion says: lol in that battle i found i was not good to swing broom with left so i changed


    position then i was punched to end of room and was obligated to use both hands on broom and evade blowing Tv


    and monitors .. jumping over cables and chair ... one even hide in air conditioner and don't wished to go out





    Finally, I explained how it ended.




    [5] silverion says: in end one was wise enough to see that window door was open and fly away


    other got hit a few times with broom and in end waited patiently for me to drag him with tshirt to the door and


    after pushed 3 times even had the strength to go in flight




    [6] silverion says: some bats wait in bat ambulance .... one with broken wing ask his friend with


    all head bloody and one leg short... " damn you look bad i hit a window and fall 20 floors so i broke wing but yoo look worse"


    second one look with one working eye and say " damn i was flying too low and have a frontal with a car" ..


    in that moment door slam open and nurses push in comatose bat .. "wow" bats ask "what hit him?"


    ... shaking in fear bat nurse whispers looking at door "Tip.it ADMIN"




    So, although they came to my home uninvited, I won the war and did not hurt them, but was merciful and allowed


    them to leave unharmed, except for their bat pride. They will know to stay far away from me in the future!








    English translation provided by Turtlefemm on behalf of Silverion







  4. UPDATE Sat Jun 15, 2008:


    I fixed/messed with a few things in the template.


    1) When a user isn't logged in, the color changer now stays on the right side of the screen, and the top navigation bar still works at 1024x768. (I'm at 1366x768, completely forgot to look at lower resolutions #-o )


    2) 4 images escaped my redesign the other day, they're included


    3) I reorganized the in-post profile, making the username larger, and then changing the order so it is now Username, Rank, Rank Image, Avatar, Online/Offline, and then the profile info.


    4) The edit, quote, and report buttons have been moved to the top right of the post, as opposed to the bottom right.


    5) A few colors have been fixed (such as moderators list in the forum being black), links in posts are underlined, and if an image is wider than the post, the post scrolls.


    6) The new post button has been removed from the topic view page, it has no reason to be there anyway.


    7) Posts slightly alternate in color to make it easier to distinguish between them







    Yesterday we installed a new homemade style for phpBB which gives to the forums the same look & feel as the main site,




    HIP HIP hooray for Errdoth who did really great Job of creating this new style in so short time!




    Remember that you can change your style in the User Control Panel by clicking on Board Preferences and then use the drop down menu to select one of available styles :) Some people like this new style, some will like prosilver more and we are working to add even more so most people can find one they like or just change them to fit their mood.




    Link to get there fast ---> Board Preferences




    Of course, that is not all. We are adding even more new features for all users. We've just added the Friends/Foes list ability, so you can avoid reading posts from people you don't like, and also you can see the online status of your friends, and send them some of upcoming new smiley's !




    You can manage it also from Board preferences under Friends & Foes section :)




    thanks for reading and have fun with new features and styles!






    Tip.it team

  5. @Silverion


    Hmm, good point, but that isn't always an option for late night forum junkies/people who use public computers regularly, both of which I am a card-carrying member.




    I know it is not possible for all but it helped me to keep my eyes free from eyeglasses, in any case we will continue to look at and add new styles as soon as possible. We cannot use too many as with every official update of phpbb we have to adjust all of them and it often in past creates problems but ...


    Could you use '.png', instead of '.jpg', to show us? JPEG really hurts quality. :boohoo:




    ~D. V. Devnull


    Even better: http://p27.us/phpBB3/




    EDIT: D_V_ Devnull's suggestions below have been incorporated.




    Great work !!! :D




    Thanks you very much this will for sure be a first theme we will add !




    As i see you added even our CSS color changing that can be further improved to add some more colors combinations and styles what if people really like can be then ported even to web site :)




    It look like there is also requests for a more classic prosilver + black version for people who stay a lot in front of monitor so that they don't fatigue eyes more, suggestion is to always have one small light at back of monitor so that there is no contrast between monitor surface and surrounding ambient, something like philips backlight if you have seen HDTV with lights at back.

  7. Note: Read this announcement for information on how to recover your lost posts: Restoring Old Posts/Guides/Blogs/etc.








    Dear Tip.It members,




    I'm happy to announce that the forum is up, but I also have sad news. We lost 2 and half months worth of posts. Of course you will ask why and how this happened. Unfortunately one of our own staff, an ex tech admin who maintained the forum for a number of years, backstabbed us as his goodbye act. He used his inside technical knowledge to hurt us. Tip.It has lost hundreds if not thousands of dollars that I will have to cover, but what is more important is the loss of 2 and half months of creativity from our community: ideas, guides, jokes, links and much more. We worked hard to recover whatever was possible and for this we can thank Darko and especially Marshalrusty who spent sleepless nights and a ton of his free time to bring the forums back. His help was priceless.




    A positive thing is that we are restarting with better, faster forum software PhpBB 3 that is complete with an all new engine to make your visits here more user friendly, and also gives us better tools to manage and maintain this really very BIG board.




    This community has grown over the years to hundreds of thousands of people visiting our Tip.It web site and forums and sharing the way Tip.it was born to be, an independent and open site where we grow to respect each other in a friendly, helpful and FUN atmosphere.




    There are over 60 active staff members who every day voluntarily try to help you, by creating web content and keeping this board up and running. Please understand this loss and have a little patience so that we all keep this community better than ever.




    Thank you,






    On behalf of the Tip.It staff

  8. We are sorry for problems that this created to anyone, we tried to test this new advertiser ADBRIGHT that was suggested from community but final results was horrible from financial point and very disturbing to many users too so final decision is that this advertiser is removed.




    We was trying to find some solution to problem where because too many users lately use some AD blocking software we are getting in very problematic situation that adds are not viewed by anyone and in this mode are not generating any revenue :( there is very low understanding that if you like some web site it is great help to look for any advertising that is not intrusive and at last somehow interesting to visit it this will generate some return to that site and they will be able to cover its expenses. Running Web site of any quality is one BIG effort and it cost a lot to keep it up what most people think is "free" in reality is thousands of dollars a month :(




    Our effort to keep advertising clean, is very hard on us, people unfortunatly tend to click MUCH more on disturbing advertising then on less "fleshing, provocative" that we try to eliminate as fast as possible what in end result in drastic cuts on our income in same time our expenses only grow and never go down :(

  9. A little bit more of "friendly" speak? everone have right on his opinions but this is starting to slide on wrong side of discussion ;)




    mmm my Warg (big wolf) in Monster play is nearing rank 2 :) .. monster play is Lotro PvP version, basicly you guide a monster that is max lv 50 :)

  10. We are looking to find some replace thing for Google and we tryed a fey but still i need a 15 to 30 day runs so it is not immediate :( but i hope that before summer we will have something that can do the job.




    Well, at school on my computer I have ad blockers, but here at the civic library I can't add them.




    I've seen ads of a sexual nature (worst of all the National Lampoon's ad which refreshes itself every page until you clear your cookies) all this week. It's kind of embarrassing for me to check this forum with this sort of crap up there.




    I'd post the links. but it's a flash ad and I can't right-click it.




    EDIT: And the Papparazzi Extreme ad. I really don't care to see "what is under Lindsay Lohan's Bikini" and I don't think the majority of this forum needs to see that either.




    Im not sure if that is our ADD paparazzi i was not able to find on my adv. lists are you sure it is not some spyware product pushing that out?

  11. I was really more concerned about the half page ads that pop up and scroll with you. I'm not sure that you addressed them in your post, but as I said earlier, and as was stated mostly throught the tread, they are kind of annoying, obtrusive, and generally make the overall quality of the site downgraded when it is full of ads.




    ONLY adds we show are uper banner (leaderboard), right side banner (skycreaper) and 1 popunder every 6 hours (2 in 24 hours) ( window opened UNDER your browser window).




    If you se anything else that disturb you please to report it and we will try to remove it ASAP ( ASAP mean from 1 or 5 days depend on advertiser because of technical times to find it and remove it from rotation)




    Use non-intrusive adverts that aren't annoying, inappropriate or pushing malware and people will be less inclined to block them.




    Would you care to address my points about the supplier you choose to use? After so many problems with bad adverts why aren't you using a different provider? Why do you think it's okay to stay with a provider that consistently provides bad adverts, be they annoying, intrusive, pornographic or malware-pushing?





    We eliminated over 6 publishers/adv companies and If you check around professional reviews this which we use now are very well respected for quality, there is no porno/tabaco/guns/alcohol and never was on any of our advertisers at most there was dating sites that can disturb someone, but they are not in any exemption category.




    We eliminate all flash/blinking etc things but as i say we cannot check all of them i see probably 15%, because of geotargeting, of what we are showing.




    Strange but less intrusive thing like google end to create a lot of problms as everyone can "target" us and show all this gold sellers and they change URL of site once a day to evade our bans so basically you pass all day running and banning its urls.




    Also many times one of this advertising companies sell its inventory (contracts they made) to others as they alone cannot cover quantity or like that so you finish with one delivering content with address of other etc.




    We try at best mode possible to select ones that offer less intrusive adds that still can cover our expenses, it is not a simple thing to do as many "new" companies try to offer great deals and after 3 months you expect a paycheck and they bankrupt with all "earned" money.




    Btw in most cases people reporting bad advertising on our site in end was infected by some kind of browser hijack or malaware, unfortunately this in most cases is found only after hours of looking for "bad" adv to find it is not even in our rotation but come by other ways.

  13. I'm sorry that there are so many problems with advertising. We are doing everything possible to remove them as soon as they get reported but it still requires a lot of time. Even if it is reported when you see it the first time, there is a 24 - 48 hour delay to get them removed from the rotation, plus the time that we need to check it out, find out which one it is, etc.




    Every day we have 10 to 20 new advertisements and some days 100 new ones. Some have a duration of only 2 days, some are shown only in one region, state or even city so we cannot see them all and many times we spend HOURS to get an ad removed that is not even being shown any more, etc.




    But as rule we remove all Pop ups (advertising in front of page) ASAP! On Tip.It we try to show only embedded advertising on 2 banner spaces up and left and 2 pop under page in the course of 24 hours, with a minimum of 6 hours between them!




    The ad delivery programs for our suppliers are changing, so it's possible that we cannot catch all until (hopefully) a new automatic filtering system will be set.




    Unfortunately people using Pop up blockers instead of reporting a bad advertisement is creating a huge problem. Only 0.01% !!! of all banners are visited and we have to cover all expenses from that :( and it is not even possible all the time!




    We are trying our best, and the best way to help us is to report ASAP whatever you don't like, and visit at least some banners that are decent and nonaggressive and somewhat interesting.




    This is not a small home held site it is multiple servers and a ton of bandwith we have to support. Monthly costs are in the range of thousands of dollars and the only way to make it as free as is possible is to put these banners on pages :(




    Remember if you like a site, any web site, probably the best way to at least help it somewhat is to visit one or two of its banners a day, even if they are not exactly what you always dreamed of. ;)

  14. hahahah great post :) ah and about STEEL corp it was monopoly organization of best miners :) in that time steel was top and who was able to do it was WHOW very very rich :)








    Of that people Light, Dmonik and myself was working on web and forums,








    Dmonik was one great great person and his love story was a very deep and sad one created on forums and in runescape ...








    He and I was running to be best smiths when smithing levels was around lv 30 - 40 :) when caravans of "slaves" was bringing ore and stell scimitars was best thing to be made for profit :) .. he was first person to break 500.000 gold that times eheheh and it was so long and hard work to get :)








    btw. that times there was not around any "tools", there was no banks, there was no certificates, leveling was MUCH MUCH slower hmm probably even slower than that :P

  15. Posting this interview is a mode to give you posibility to hear ALL sides and decide by your eyes IF this what he done is wrong or not, if you only hear about that incident and hear people was banned, lost items etc you always have to decide by 2nd or 3rd hand information about it, already somehow biased, we posted 3 different opinions about same thing, giving you ability to judge that by yourself.




    If we hide it or simply remove it from forum to prevent it from crashing most people will remain only with rumors to hear and create its opinion. As this bug was fixed so it was not repetable was of mass interest we decided to provide all with best possibility to see and decide by themselfs moving it to separate page that can hold load and giving in it links to all relevant posts.




    If giving you ability to judge by yourself and giving you acces to information relevant for this is wrong then we are guilty.

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