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Welcome to my Blog!




About Me


My rl name is Jon-Mikel, friends call me JM, im 18 years old and will be attending UMW in Virginia where I will be playing baseball and studying Geology. Many complain about the community in Runescape, but for as long as I have played the game (since the early days of classic) I have found and made many great friends. I'm your typical noob, I have had numerous accounts and have never been able to get a stat above 90 :-# . Currently I am working on my final character "Whip Duel Me" Enough about me and my history here is a stat picture.




Current Stats






Bank Picture


This will come if it ever gets good, currently all my cash is loaded into GW supplies and spent on skills.




Current Goals


[list=]90 Range, 90 HP, Arma Hilt Drop, 70 Slayer, 90 Defence




Also I really would love some advice on layout and how to make pictures easily viewable. I will definitely put more effort into this thread, but this is my first ever and I don't have a lot of time at the moment :P

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Big stuff today, first 90 range then first drop from arma...a walk in hilt. When I get a response on how to post better pics I will upload them :). Bought 10k red chins, arma helm, fury, pray pots and all manner of gw stuff. Goals as of now are 95 range, full arma range gear, and enough cash to buy 99 range =). Gnite everyone and please help me so I can make this thread much nicer looking and picturefull :P

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Good luck with everything.




Do you know me? my rs name is scottien and I remember your name from somewhere? think I might have had you added at some point?







Illusion Leader | Clan Europe Member | Team Nigeria Member | Ex BsE Leader | Ex MOD Member

126 F2P | 137 P2P

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