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Assault on the falador mole lair!

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Description: Assault on the falador mole lair!




Date: August 25 2008


Time: 2:04 PM EST


World: World 76.


Location: Meet at center of mole lair.




RSN: Split91022


Contact info: You can contact me via PM on the forum. (With that method i may not notice the pm because i am busy.)


You can also contact me via PM In-Game. (If i am online.)




Looking for a Boss Team!:Giant Mole


Date and Time: 2:04 PM EST August 25 2008


Location and World: World 76. Meet at center of mole lair.


My level is: 53


My main combat type is: Melee


Additional Requirements/Information: Be good at beating up giant moles as a team. You also must shout where the giant mole is if you find it.




:) :) :) :) :)




Hope to see you there!


--- post from runescape forums.




Yes, it is P2P.




Anyone may come.

Runescape Rules!

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