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Hey everyone




A while ago i bought enough planks for 80 construction (about 34K). However, i forgot to calculate how much money the butler would need. Would anyone be able to give me a rough estimate and perhaps tell me which servant would be best to use?




Thanks for your help.

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That is quite a lot of planks and it will take you quite a while. I see that your Construction level is very low, so you'll be using the old and slow method for a while. I recommend you get a butler immediately after hitting level 40. He requires 5k about every 7 or so tasks he completes. In other words, for the 243 tasks you'll get him to do, you want about say, 1.2M or so in cash. Just to be safe I'd get 1.3M, as he does sometime requests for the cash earlier than after 7 times.




Starting at your level, assuming your house is in Rimington, grab some teletabs or teleport runes (teletabs to save space) and grab some oak planks. Teleport to your house, build oak larders or oak flatpacks in your workshop, and then teleport back. This should be relatively fast to do. Remember to choose either Varrock or Falador teleports as they are cheap and the bank is close by.




Once you reach level 40, you can get a normal butler. Unless you're going to host a few parties, I recommend never getting the demon butler. This is because for the extra 5k you spend every 7 tasks, you can only get 5 extra inventory spaces. Firstly, you get the butler to grab 20 oak planks from the bank and build the oak larders. Keep repeating this until you eventually get level 74 Construction. There isn't much variation to train this skill, as you pretty much decided yourself it was going to be oakies only.




Now once at 74 Construction without any bonuses, you can head to your dungeon (if you have one). Not only do Dungeons serve as a great fun place to fight with your friends, but they can help you train a lot. Build and remove the oak dungeon doors, sending the butler out as you build if you're fast enough. This'll get you 25k xp per 10 minutes at minimum. My personal max was 29k in 11 minutes.




Hope my advice helps ya and good luck on that 80 construction! I'll be training with ya!


Click Here for my RSOF 99 Construction G&A thread! Post your support!

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