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I need alot of help!


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Okay i am f2p and i am very bored and i want to try out the new pvp world but last time i went i died very quick because of my horrible stats and equiment. So can anyone help me with what to wear and stat reqamentations (spelled wrong).




My stats






Def:55 (sorry in the future i might go to barrows)












I might want to use my range what lvl sould it be to be affective on rune armour?



stakes won:32

max hit:14

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1 more prayer level, and 30 additional range levels should see you hitting on rune.




You would be better off to ramp up your strength level to around the 80 mark. Your hitpoints are shocking too at your level. You are in danger of getting 2 hit.

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:shock: 58 str?!?!? that HAS to go up!.... stop trainng def..... get 70 range (optional to be a tank.) rune pure might be your best bet :ugeek:

98% of all runescape players wastes most of their time on skilling, if you are one of the 2% that stayed with player killing. Put this in your signature.

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