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returning player looking for dueling/pking advice


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hi! i haven't played runescape in about a year and i'm thinking about getting back into it for a while. when i used to play, i had no interest in pking and dueling since the dark bow and the ruining of the wildy in runescape. however, now that i'm back, i want to get into pvp in dueling.




51 attack


30 strength


40 defense


41 hitpoints


1 ranged, magic, prayer, and summoning


combat lvl 46




now i know i have a lot of training to get anywhere from these low numbers, being that i want a high level character, but i wanted some advice as to which route to take, and some information on what kind of pvp builds are successful on runescape nowadays in the dueling arena. i'm interested in making a tank, but would settle for anything that is highly effective. what should i do and how can i do it? is it too late for any kind of build with these stats? also, i will be playing P2P.




thanks - HAL

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