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Libertherme's Skilling Blog

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Hello all! I am Libertherme/Duane. I've been playing RuneScape for several years now and I've always enjoyed the game. My old account got banned due to me macroing, so I decided to make a new account and Libertherme was born! I've been meaning to do a blog for quite some time now, but I've never gotten around to doing so. I am 18 years young, I go to college and do a lot of weight training. Whenever I level up I will upload the picture and put it in its corresponding place.




logo_agility.gifAgility (56-65)logo_agility.gif




logo_construction.gifConstruction (42-55)logo_construction.gif




logo_cooking.gifCooking (68-80)logo_cooking.gif




logo_crafting.gifCrafting (59-75)logo_crafting.gif




logo_farming.gifFarming (51-55)logo_farming.gif




logo_fletching.gifFletching (90-99)logo_fletching.gif




logo_herblore.gifHerblore (57-60)logo_herblore.gif




logo_hunter.gifHunter (63-80)logo_hunter.gif




logo_mining.gifMining (62-70)logo_mining.gif




logo_runecrafting.gifRunecrafting (39-60)logo_runecrafting.gif




logo_smithing.gifSmithing (59-70)logo_smithing.gif


[hide=Level Ups]090916000147.png[/hide]


logo_thieving.gifThieving (53-80)logo_thieving.gif




logo_woodcutting.gifWoodcutting (70-85)logo_woodcutting.gif

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Well, after a long delay of updating this blog I've finally gotten my first level to post here. The above comment was, as you will notice, my fishing blog but in the end I decided not to go for it. My online activity has plummeted right now since started college, so this may not get updated oh so very often. Hope you enjoy.




[hide=60 Smithing]090916000147.png[/hide]

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