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The Gladiatorz Invite You! - Sunday, May 17th

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On Sunday, May 17th, we (Gladz) will be hosting one of our Super Sundays involving large amounts of events where people can just relax and have some fun. Although we have a couple of events that are clan-only, we're opening three of our events - Firefest ,Trawler & Karaoke - to the public. =D>




If you're feeling bored on that day and want something to do, feel free to come along and enjoy the events on offer. I'm sure they won't disappoint. :thumbsup:




Public Firefest


Who: Everyone.


What: Burning down cities and stuff.


When: May 17th @ Noon est (5pm gmt, 9am pst)


Where: World 95, Varrock Center








Burn stuff.




Clan chat will be Gladz Chat.


Public Trawler and Underwater Fight


Who: Everyone


What: Trawler, and killing each other


When: May 17th @ 7pm est (Midnight gmt, 4pm pst)


Where: World 157, Yanille Bank






No gear is required, actually when we hop to pvp, and go underwater, you can't equip anything anyway. Just make sure you bank all of your stuff before hopping to see who is the king/queen of the sea.




Clan chat will be Gladz Chat.


Public Karaoke


Who: Anyone


What: Karaoke


When: May 17th @ 9pm est (2am gmt, 6pm pst)


Where: Gladz Teamspeak








Examples of our work:






Teamspeak IP:




I hope to see you all there!


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