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Duo and Trio Bandos GWD


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My stats are at the bottom of the page. So i was wondering if i could trio/duo bandos with my levels. I am going to get 85 attack, 80defense, and 70prayer first though. With those stats do you think i would be good, bad, or okay? What setup would you recommend and do you think i should get higher any other stats to be good? Thanks for your help.







99/99 Strength achieved 5/9/09

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You'd probably do pretty good in a duo/trio. You could tank once you get 80 def. Heres a guide on how to tank bandos:



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Drops: 8whips, 28dboots, 1hand cannon, 2 dmeds 3dskirts 2 dbows

99s(in order): Attack Constitution Defence

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if you want to duo at 80def, just try to be with 2 semi-tankers. that way its possible to stay way longer and to switch places if realy necesairy



[hide]visage drop 11/01/09


all skills 70+ (completed)

all skills 80+

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