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Leonmb's 99 firemaking VS 99 woodcutting RACE

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Its in my signiture. Who do you think will win?


( Im Leonmb the current leader )


I think Rob will win as firemaking levels quicker, even though i play an hour more than him.






77 - 95 on Willows / Teak


95 - 97 on Maples


97 - 99 on Yews








Day 1 - July 3rd


Started woodcutting again at 76 woodcutting. Got 77 woodcutting at willows




Day 2 - July 4th


Cutting teaks. Almost 78 woodcutting :thumbup: . Rob got 77 firemaking :thumbdown: Yes! 78 woodcutting! Im going back to willows now. I cant be bothered dropping teaks anymore.




Day 3 - July 5th


Eeek. Im been out all morning and Rob has been on *Bites lip*

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