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F2p fail ? Or rune pure in the making ?


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How are these stats for a f2p pker : (not gonna b a p2p)




40 att


40 defence


45 strength (and rising)


1 range


9 Mage (from lamps / quests)


26 prayer




Which stat shud I train next ?




Bearing in mind I was going to be a str pure ... (strpur3lvl99 ! ftw)




I have done dragon slayer so full rune and green d'hide :thumbsup:




I'm was looking to be a successfull f2p pker ... Is that still possible or have I ruined my chances?

wl4xhc.jpg - this may the reason behind the whip changes 0_o


Thnx to kaosmerchant for hosting.



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rune pure in the making




now its good that you are not going to be p2p because p2p rune pures should only get def exp. strictly from quests for better gear.




i would say just train strength for as long as you can. im thinking up 75 or 80 because you really only need attack when you are fighting pkers that are not pures. at your current combat there are a lot of pures so no need for higher attack. you may not even need 43 prayer for awhile, get to 31 and keep it until around 75 combat




up until 70 or 75 combat you will be fighting mostly pures so keep at 40 attack , when you are around 80 or 85 cb you might want to get 60 or 70 attack to break rune or own people no arming




if you do get p2p, your rune pure gear will probably not be top notch as you won't want to do all the quests as they will raise your defence maybe even past 50




only get members for training

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