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PvP Tricking + Tips: Need 26k/76k Trick Partner. 100-117 CB

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Hello, as the topic-name says i am looking for several 26k/76k PvP tricking partners. I am an experienced tricker and know all the aspects. I need people from 100-117 CB. PM Me (Ambj) in-game or here if you are interested. Im often getting EP at the earth altar near varrock so just come and visit me! And join godoron93's CC!: SGV1, hope to be partners with some of you ;)




If you are new to tricking, here comes some tips:


1. Always have your "Accept Aid" setting OFF! If you don't have it off other people will be able to attack your partner.


2. Always skull before you kill your partner, this will help you get a better loot.


3. When your partner is about to kill you and you have 20 or lower hp, run inside the nearest safespot, this lets your partner have 10 seconds to finish you off, and when he does he cannot be attacked by possible pjers (such as Dclawers, ancient magics and so on).


4. For the one that's attacking: ALWAYS have your protect from melee ON! This is for preventing possible pjers from killing you, and since theese are mostly dclawers, and since they can finish you off really fast this is helpful.


5. Always get 100% EP before you fight, the higher EP you got, the higher chance you get for a good drop. You have to spend 30 mins at any place in PvP and risking 76k+ to get 25% EP. For 100 EP you get 4 kills. One with 100%, one with 51%, one with 12% and one with 3%.


6. Always kill you partner in an "PvP Hot Spot" Hot Spots increase your chance of a good drop by a lot. Theese Hot Spots are marked as a flaming skull, right next to where you see your EP and what cb lvls you can fight. Here is some PvP Hot Spots: Falador, Varrock and Ardougne.






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