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The Alfred Grimhand Barcrawl -correction-

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On the The Alfred Grimhand Barcrawl guide under Flying Horse Inn, East Ardougne, the guide says when drank you lose 17hp.


I researched it and the drink takes 25% of your maximum hp :P




the *average* damage each drink inflicts on your skills and HP is provided in the table below.




I'm fine with everything being the 'average', but can you atleast fix the 17hp part? I set for over a week wondering if I would be able to do this on my lvl 3 skiller. -.-






I haven't done this yet, but I'll screen it for proof in a day or so when I do.

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Just completed it.




It took 2hp off my 10hp total.




the 'heart stopper' was the only drink that took ANY hp away actually..


the others did in fact take away from other skills tho. :mrgreen:




thanks for updating the guide... if you decide to :P

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