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Google Docs html help needed


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I have a technical problem with google docs. As I'm sure some of you are aware, you can use google docs to track xp, store current ge prices, make calculators, etc etc. I'm making a list of items that I need and merchant frequently. Importing the data was no problem, the problem comes with calculating daily percent changes. When you import price change information from the rs item database, it attaches a plus and a minus to signifiy increases or falls. For some reason, Google docs is having difficulty understanding that a plus means positive. No issues on the minus symbol though.




I'm guessing that the plus sign is considered text, which is why it screws up my calculations. (though that doesn't explain why the minus works) I would just delete the plus sign, but since the data is imported from an html table you can't exactly do that. I've tried doing "=Value(text)" but that doesn't work. Could someone experienced with html help me out with this problem? An html code deleting the plus sign or a code for google docs to understand that it means positive would be GREATLY appreciated.




Below is the code I used to import data:


=Index(ImportHtml("http://itemdb-rs.runescape.com/results.ws?query=cosmic rune", "table", 2),2)




And code I used to convert k's and m's to *1000 and *10000000






^both from "How to use Google Docs to extract GE prices ~By Brainymidget" found at viewtopic.php?f=180&t=782319




My knowledge of html is fairly limited lol, but maybe its possible to use my conversion code to change "+" to a space or *1? Maybe work off of this fail code? hahaha








^it didn't work for me btw hahaha




Thanks :)

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