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need clan members: P2P combat level 85+ PM me p0wnage387

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I have a clan called the executors and I need members for it. The ONLY requirements are that you are combat level 85 and up and you are a member. I am level 101 going on 102 very soon and i will be your leader. This clan if for mostly PvP and partly skilling, boss hunting, monster killing, and other stuff! if you have any questions or if u want to be in it i have 1 free space for a captain and 25 free spaces for clan members and the higher level the higher position depending on the message. please contact me ASAP and my runescape username is Resdsdg add me ONLY if you are a clan member of mine! PLEASE PRIVATE MESSAGE ME IF YOU WANT TO BE IN THE CLAN AND I WILL NEGOTIATE WITH MEMBERS COMBAT LEVEL 75 AND UP IF THEY APPEAL TO ME!My Tip.it Username is p0wnage387 and pm me at that name exactly how it is. Hurry im impatent and im waiting. :wall: !


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This is the wrong forums, firstly, and secondly, id suggest getting more organized. It just seemed like a jumble of words ;)




Best of luck with your clan.

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