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Brien ~ Playing on a newb called Trollings ~ 28/60 mining

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Welcome to my thread! My name is Brien, and I previously had a thread about Crestfish. I was playing way to much and recently decided I prefer the simplicity of the non-member's world. Thus, Trollings was born. Trollings name really nothing and everything to me at the same time. I'm a really friendly person, but sometimes I am in the mood just to argue with someone, even when I know I'm incorrect. Ask daniel aka d5a5n5i5e5l5, he knows. :)




I think I started runescape in late 2005, or early 2006 when friends from school introduced me to it during a project in english class. We were a new school and it was still a time of innocent kids. We were finished our work and my friend went on his account, lief of azer. He was a noob, but I basically considered him gertjaars. He told me fire runes were super rare and that lvl 50 was super high level.






Eventually he retired, but I played on, learning about communities, guides, clans, pking. I did it all until I discovered skilling. Even on my first account, I appreciated woodcutting over combat. I tried making a members main, and did not enjoy the combat aspect (SHOCKER, I know). Then I made crestfish, the first account I really actively played on in the past 4 or 5 months, I had alot of fun raising his stats in f2p, even when they were getting slow to raise at like 80 cooking and such. I got p2p and enjoyed the stats at first, but then I realized I just liked trying them because they were new. All in all, I am back with trollings at one last attempt at a runescape career, and hopefully I'll enjoy it.








August 1st, 2009




Well, its 5:30 AM and decided to follow up on the little bit of photoshoppin' I did. I really have to give D5aniel credit for inspiring me to blog. Xxxmage, and dan, really taught me that skilling is perserverance, and I need to try my best on ONE account. I recently have been hopping on and off about 4 or 5 accounts. I made this account and decided just to see how much I can do with mining. I am mining 500 iron and copper, to start me with smithing. After that I should have around 25-30 smithing, and knights sword will get me near 35. I'm going to mine rune essence until I have 50 mining, and that is well over 50 runecrafting. after 50 runecrafting, I will either mine clay until 55, but I don't think so since prices are crashing, or sell the airs from 50 and buy a decent crafting level. With the crafting guild I'll mine gold until 60 mining, and then we'll see what after that. All planned out, eh?








Oh, and I made this just because...












Older Blog Entries (WILL go here :))

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