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o0oo 0 0 0o's Blog (UNDER CONSTRUCTION

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o0oo 0 0 0's Blog (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)


Hi, I am o0oo 0 0 0o, in real life, Alex. I know this blog is kind of empty, but it will soon be filled up with stat shots, bank shots, pking and much more. Shall I begin? ;)




Current Status: Hunting Chins






Goals (in order):


1. 20,000,000 Hunter XP




2. 99 Magic




3. 99 Attack




4. 90 Ranged




5. 99 HP






Stats as of August 5th:








All Stats:












August 5th


[hide=]Today was a fairly uneventful day, I hunted 2k chins, then decided it was about time for a break after 300 straight hours logged hunting. Now I am doing a bit of Runecrafting because I have an absolutely low level in it (level 35) and it wouldn't hurt to add some overall levels to my character.








I assumed the day would be fairly uneventful. I was right for the most part, I lol'd when I discovered a PMod botting. I lol'd so hard 'cause all these noobs were surrounding him as he constantly repeated: My Runecrafting Level is 93. :) I wish this mod good luck at not getting banned. ;) Runecrafting is soooo slow....in three hours, rcing from 35-40.








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