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P2p Hybird Pure Help Pl0x


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I've stopping playing for over a year..




starting again with my new account str y der1




im making him pure and need all the advise about the new wildy & ideal combat stats please?




i know good places to train & quests to do,




im keen to keep him 1 def & pray.. 13 if i decide to do dt.




advice please?

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What I have seen is, that whenever a person makes a topic like this, asks for a good ''PVP account'', what stats should one have. Basically, every person has his/her own preferences - Like my friend, who has an account with 85 str/90 range, which he grinded quite quickly. He's acc has def 1 as well, but the thing is, that he found out, that he has no skill to pk with range AT ALL.




So, I'd recommend you to watch some pvp vids, pick a pure yourself and stick with it.




Not to be so off-topic, a decent choice by me:


Att 50


Str 80+


Range 80+


Def 1


Pray 11/31


Magic 82



...on my way to a Def 1 Hybrid.. for the 2nd time - Wow !

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