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The "Teach a clueless girl how to play Runescape" Blog.

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Allright so in this blog, I will keep you posted on how some of my friends and I teach a real life girl how to play runescape.




I started a couple of days ago so i'll just cover it quickly.




Sat: Ada (the girl) texts me and tells me she wants to play RS. I text back and tell her to make a account. She then proceeds to doing the tutorials. Ada texts me saying "Gabe omg! I just lit a fire oi!" About 30min later, she finished the tutorial. I come to join her on the world she is on. I give her 5k. Then I make her some iron armor. I proceed to teach her how to fight goblins. For some odd reason she seems to forget killing rats. So I proceed to teach her. About 10min later Ada managed to kill a goblin. Of course it didn't help that a yappy american came and started telling her to tele back to Lummy and kill the goblins there. I was near barberian village by the way. Now, Ada tries to kill another goblin and starts walking all over the place trying to click on a goblin. She manages to attack one and screams in pleasure through typing. I had to leave due to bedtime then.




Sun: Me and my friend go to Duel arena. We try to explain the concept of eating to her. Which is harder than it looks. So I get my account to duel her account. She keeps attacking. And attacking. And attacking. Then she askes how it is possibe for me to heal so fast. I used food durr... She begins to eat food at full HP. Teaching a girl how to play rs is so hard. By the way she is now level 20 as my friend trained her before I woke up.




Mon: Didn't play Runescape.




Today is tuesday, I will try and observe her today.




Please don't flame me, this is my first blog. Which I probably forget about. Meh.

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