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Clan Directories, The Conclave & Tip.It War Rankings


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Welcome to Tip.It's Recruitment Forums!



If you are new here, you might want to check out some other useful tools to promote or activate your clan?



The Clan Directories are on the Clan section of Tip.It website for all to see. To submit your clan's in-depth information, visit this thread: http://forum.tip.it/topic/302257-on-site-clan-directory-submitupdate-your-clan-info-here/


While you're at it, why not join the Tip.It War Rankings (http://forum.tip.it/forum/141-tipit-war-rankings-twr/) to get your clan more competitive?


We also have a hidden forum and a separate usergroup for Clan Officials only; The Conclave. You can get the information about how to apply to join and get access here.



On behalf of the Clan Staff,


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You're accusing me of bigotry, how ironic. It's a nice attempt at argument, but your responses are facile and asinine, if not diatribe. Who's arrogant now?

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