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Range 2h theory and Soul wars question


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Ok so right now this is my F2P Range 2her


Combat 50


Attack 40

Strength 62

Range 66

Mage 50

HP 60




Ok so they say that your a generlly you should have a 5 lvl difrence between you Range and Strength to have a good balance, but what if someone wanted to have equal strength (or close to) their range lvl in order to pull off a slightly higher KO? Most people don't eat food until they are down to a certain HP lvl but if it was alot harder to do they might underestimate the Strength and be tricked into a KO? Does this sound like a stupid idea or do some people do this? What do you guys reccomend?


Soul Wars & HP


Is HP a good or bad thing for F2P Pking? I have been told that it is a good idea to train Strength or whatever in Soul Wars so you don't get any HP XP allowing you to sneak in a few extra levels. Is this true? What is a good amount of HP for a lvl 50?


Thanks for any help.

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You should really use the tip.it combat calculator (here) to see how many range levels you can get before you level combat. For instance, when inserting your stats into it, it tells us you need 4 more range levels to level combat. Meaning you can actually grow 3 range levels without growing a combat level. You should remember that two thirds of your combined attack and strength level should roughly be your range level.


As for HP, it's useful to have at least 50 hp. But after that, it becomes less of an issue. You should always be eating at a certain amount of HP, and barring 'safing', your max hp doesn't really matter. However, if you fight with 60 hp against someone with 70 hp, you're probably going to have to eat before you can try and KO your opponent. Long story short, don't get alot of hp (train ranging guild, soul wars, pest control), but not too little either.

Current goals:


Hunter 78/80

Smithing 70/80

Runecrafting 58/60

Strength 96/99

Defense 45/46

Prayer 72/95

Dungeoneering 85/100

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