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ranging slayer : Full slayar helm vs arma helm and others


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I've been lucky to get both Hexcrest and Focus sight as drops. So, i Combined those with one of my slayer helmets to get a full slayer helmet.

Now, since i'm ending both slayer and range skills, i have 2 questions for the tasks i range (bloodvelds, fire giants, greaters and black demons) the normal way (i chin nechryaels and melee rest) :

1- What is best efficient armour between :

- arma + full slayer helm

- full arma set

- void

When i do so i use safe spots (no pray) and geiser titan when possible + normal ranging potions


2- what is the best amunition ?

- cheap iron knives (fast and furious small hits)

- steel darts i got for free along my numerous sara trips

- broad bolts

i use the two knives and darts for close range situations on low def monsters (bloodvelds, fire giants) and bolts for harder tasks (black demons)


Thanks for advices.

Oh baby light the dark side...

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Arma + slayer helm no doubt. Not sure about ammunition but use darts or knives in kura dungeon slower ammunition for high def non Kura dungeon tasks.



Oh baby light the dark side...

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