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Forum Games Rules


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Forum Games Rules


Hello and welcome to the games board, where you and your fellow users can share some good old fashioned fun with various forum games that you can make up.


Here are a few games you can play just for example:


  • Word Stories
  • Role Playing Stories
  • Acronym Games
  • You Know When... Too Long... When Fill Ins
  • Corrupt A Wish
  • Ask A Stupid Question, Get A Stupid Answer
  • Riddles & Brainteasers
  • Jokes


And so forth, however you are not limited to these games.


There are still some rules however that you should all follow:

  2. Absolutely NO spamming. This board is created for users to have fun, not to spam. Posts are not counted on this board, so you can forget about posting for post count here. :P
  3. Respect others. Games which attack another player are not permitted. The use of famous or well-known players is not allowed.
  4. When it comes time, some threads may end up having their own specific stickies to be posted on. Do not create new ones once those threads have been stickified.
  5. Staff have the right to close any game thread at any time for any reason.
  6. Games, jokes, etc. that are disparaging toward any religion, race, nation, social status, gender, or sexual orientation are strictly forbidden.
  7. All users are still bound by the Forum Rules.

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