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Looking for a decent mid to large sized PVP clan

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Recently the clan i belonged to fell apart, so I decided to join a PVP clan, preferably PST based, p2p.


Some vids of me pking:





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try out wilderness guardians we aren't just pst we have many members all over the world and we do both p2p and f2p plus a decent amount of pvm. our site is www.wildernessguardians.com/smf if you don't meet our 110+ combat average we have a jr clan that is 90+

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Hey man, Maybe we're a clan that might suit you. You can come check us out at anytime on forums or IRC or Ingame in CC, Hope to see you around man!



BWG Enter


Proud Leader and Founder of TBWOG







Proud Leader and Founder of TBWOG



|| TBWOG Forums || TBWOG Member List || TBWOG IRC ||

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