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We Own PvM 130+


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Welcome to the forum for We Own PvM, a mature and active clan with daily (hourly) boss-hunting and team events. If you're tired of boss-hunting solo or with teammates who don't know what they're doing, then this clan is for you!


To join the clan, simply fill out and post the membership application below. If you are accepted, please add the clan leadership and pm any of us to get invited.




Founder: Iwar_is_ham

Admin: Mxd_barrage

Admin: iuyo

Admin: ProLootShare


Check out our main forum on forums.runescape.com, Quick Find Code 92-93-278-63232732



Membership Application



Combat Level:

-Attack Level:

-Strength Level:

-Defense Level:

-Ranged Level:

-Magic Level:

-Prayer Level:

-Summoning Level:

-Constitution Level:


Do you have Turmoil or Overloads:

Which, if any, chaotics do you have:

Do you have a void deflector:

Can you access all GWD bosses:

-If not, are you willing to work towards that:

What is your favorite boss:

Are you willing to tank, when applicable:


Are you interested in joining the Above and Beyond group:


What is your time zone:


Will you follow our ranking system:


What do you hope to get out of this clan:

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