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Vs Legion

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Hello, Fellow Runescapers. I am Lord Voltaire, and I have a message for you.


For many years, clans have been an integral part of Runescape. The first clan was designed to stop a PKer in RuneScape Classic who would kill anyone he came across.

Now, clans are so widespread that there is no where you may walk without seeing a vexillum or a clan cloak boldly and proudly portraying the colors of the bearer's clan.

I, too, have a clan.

The clan is called Vs Legion. We are a small group of RuneScapers just like you, and we want YOU to join us. What's in it for you? You gain a supportive, friendly, cooperative family.


  • Events.
  • Friendly
  • Family
  • Help
  • Advice
  • Knowledge
  • International
  • Made just for you.



If you are interested in joining Vs Legion, and becoming one of our loyal, happy, friendly members, send a private message to:

  • LordVoltaire
  • Tear Me Open
  • poqbod
  • Of Dorkers
  • Aphrodite242

Or: Check out our clan chat yourself by following these steps.

  1. Open your clan interface
  2. Click the small green button located in the bottom right side of the clan interface.
  3. Click the small green up arrow in the left side of the interface.
  4. Type in the clan name, 'Vs Legion'
  5. Use /// before you type to communicate.


Of Vs Legion

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