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Poison vs Polish Army || Poison vs Arsenal


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Poison vs Polish Army






Last night, an official from Polish Army set up a fight with our trial warlord Bran Cereal for a early GMT fight for a weekday, alot of us weren't aware of this fight seeing as it was set up last night in EST. So our pull wasn't too great. Luckily AP pulled around the same.



Round 1:


Poison Starting: 16

Polish Army starting: 16



We pretty much just eliminated all of AP's magers and they eventually left CC.



Poison Ending: 8

Polish Army ending: 0




Round 2:


Poison Starting: 18

Polish Army starting: 21



Polish Army had a strong range unit, on top of that we were outnumbered and had a dc in the start. We managed to pull through and perform well throughout the whole fight going kill for kill. Polish Army had some ex members that decided to join some clan called Forces of Poland (Who is that?) and those ex members portal hopped a few kills until AP managed to fix that problem. We kept the lead throughout the whole fight.




Poison Ending kills: 69

Polish Army ending kills: 57






Poison vs Arsenal






A few days ago Reaper asked me for a CWA fight, we agreed on a normal matched fight and a first to 25 kills (with no prayer allowed) and a third round with mage/range only (with no melee) matched afterwards.




Round 1: Normal all styles matched


Poison Starting: 20

Arsenal starting: 20



Arsenal piled one of our better tanks and he managed to tank for our first 3 kills that we managed to kill fast. Afterwards we just kept the lead and KO'd a few others with our strong KO power and transitions.




Poison Ending: 15

Arsenal ending: 0



Round 2: First to 25 kills (with no prayer allowed)


The fight started out kill for kill, and we noticed Arsenal's kill count going up. We looked in the friends chat and we laughed because we noticed a few Collision members had resorted to portal hop in our clan chat, glad we forced you into a clan like FOP :)


Reaper from Arsenal didn't want to restart so we moved on to the third round.


Round 3: Matched mage/range only (No melee)


Poison Starting: 18

Arsenal starting: 18



Again, our transitions were on point and everyone was tanking well. Arsenal left cc and xRebel was lost in clan wars.


Poison Starting: 13

Arsenal starting: 0




Thanks for the fights AP and Arsenal, good job Poison.

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