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Nomad's Requiem - Boss Fight Strategy


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I'm just wondering what the best strategy for me would be. I obviously have no chaotics, but do have access to extremes. I have about 40m to drop on gear if I need to (have bandos, no arma or gano if range is the best way to go). I'm thinking things like:


melee vs. range

gano vs. arma/karil

rocktails vs. brews/restores

Summoning familiar setup


Any other tips would be appreciated.


EDIT: did it on my own, gano+zammy spear+extremes and tort full of rocktails

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Yep gano is the way to go, and melee is way better than ranged on Nomad.


Work towards Soul Split, it helps alot when you encounter Nomad on Dominion Tower, and especially on the Nomad 2x challenge.


You may be better off using a kyatt familiar with a bunch of ambush scrolls since you can't use titans yet. A tort of food really isn't necessary when using gano.




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I'm writing from my experience, I'm poor, I have no extremes/turm. I do have unicorn however. I did it a couple of days ago and failed with melee (welfare gear), Then decided to try ranged in void full and it seemed alot easier for me. I'm not sure how it works with a good melee gear and extremes.

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