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Renegade Revs - wants YOU!

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Hello and welcome to Renegade Revs!

Do you need help with quests, with challenges, with achievements? Do you want to hang out and have a fun time with other players while you are adventuring around Runescape?

Our clan rules are simple and easy. We expect you to treat your fellow clan mates with respect. Failure to do so will result in being removed from the clan.

We are all about having fun and playing runescape as it is meant to be played. On occasion you may be AFK which is understandable and will not result in being kicked. However, being AFK all the time, this clan is not for you.

Bumping the thread is not mandatory but is greatly appreciated. It is also a way of assuring we know you are active so your spot in the clan is secure.


1. Respect - All individuals must be treated with respect. Sensitive topics such as religion and politics should be kept to a minimum and never in a disrespectful manner.

2. No spamming - Any form of spam including pictures, xp countdowns, etc. will not be tolerated at any time.

3. Don't ask for ranks - Pretty simple~ it's annoying.

4. Do not argue - If you have a conflict with another player take it up with them privately like an adult. Do not include your problems (personal or clan related) in the chat or in the thread. Also do not argue with ranks they are here to enforce the rules and are trusted to do so fairly. If you feel you have been treated unfairly let a leader know and we will take care of it the best we can.

5. Thread activity - No one is required to bump the thread. We would like for you to bump the thread at least once a week as it helps us know you are active. Bumping keeps our clan visible so it grows. Space out the bumps to around 15 minutes so that the thread isn't just filled with bumps.
6. We'll occasionally clear out inactive members.
7. Players who prove to be a constant source of trouble will be removed at the decision of the clan leaders.
8. If a player decides to leave the clan, they may only come back if personally invited, in game, by the owner or co-owners of clan.

Clan requirements:

We are open to all players of all levels and ages. Pm any admin listed below.

Clan Chat:

To Join clan chat please click on icon. Also if all messages is turned on and to speak with clan members, be sure to type // then what you want to say

Leave of absence:

If you will be away from the clan for an extended time please let us know about it so you are not removed.

Member Name:

Date leaving:

Date Returning:

Ranks and their meanings:

If you would like to join Renegade Revs, pm either budzskie, n3m scape, Red Sonja, majikalisis

How to rank up:

We do NOT put a strong emphasis on rank however as the clan grows we need players to help us run the clan. Bumping the thread, helping out fellow members and new recruits, working in the Clan Citadel and being active and friendly in the chat are the easiest ways to get promoted.
Most importantly follow all clan rules and never ask for ranks!

Clan Citadel:

We will have a clan citadel for those who enjoy skilling together. In order to build the citadel, participation in the citadel would be greatly appreciated. If you are unable to participate during the build tick, please let one of the admins know. Citadel build tick is currently on. There is no official clan citadel workday so any time you can work/play in the citadel is fine.

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