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The start of a very long journey, Max Cape From Scratch (MCFS)

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Hi there guys, this is 1993 MCFS here, I am 19, I live in Scotland, and i am currently studying to be a NDT Inspecter. Dont know really how to start these kinda posts, so ill go into abit of my history with runescape.

I started runescape in June 2008, i was at a friends house and i was showing him how to get good at cod4 [which didnt work, he was still garbage], when i seen his brother was playing a game which we all know is 'Runescape'. For some reason, i went over and looked at what he was doing, he was runecrafting in the abyss, and for some reason i wanted to play it, the graphics didnt bother me at all. So i started playing it and became hooked, ive went bossing alot of times and recieved some epic loot.

I took a break before the eoc came out, cause i lost 800m staking, which i was going to use to get max, my main is level 200 and has a total level of 2112, so that 800m would have been a real help. I have recently came back to Runescape, because of a series i was watching before i took the break, and even when i stopped playing runescape, i always watched this series, its called the "Max Cape from Scratch" series, and the founder of this wonderful series is Brobson, (i would link his youtube channel but i dont think your allowed to do that, just search Brobson MCFS). He has made some excellent progress towards achieving the max cape, from scratch, so today i have decided to join the growing community of people wanting to achieve this long goal. He has a friends chat, which is his main's account 'Brobson', which has alot of the mcfs players in it.

I thought id put in here a little bit about inspirations, i dont like using that word, because at the end of the day, its a game, but ill use it anyway. My main inspiration for doing this, is ofcourse 'Brobson'. His series idea is such a great idea, and i shall post the rules of this series down below, for anyone wishing to join. Another inspiration would have to be 'Itam69', many of you who are reading this, would or should know of 'Itam 69'. He was a big diyer and used the tip.it forums to blog his stats and goals. He quit a while back, but he still is an inspiration.

Here is a quick list of the rules:

1. You must start from a brand new account, with 0 total XP and all stats at level 1.

2. Absolutely NO use of the Grand Exchange or Trade/Assists with other players.

3. Nothing can be bought or sold from ANYWHERE except the specialty shops in RuneScape (No General Store)

4. You must have a higher level in ALL corresponding stats to use teams for activities (Dungeoneering, Bossing, Minigames, etc).

5. All Items/Gear (Excluding Weaponry) must be gathered or self-obtained by you

6. Citadel training may be used, but only in Brobson's specifically created 'MCFS clan' and only MCFS players will be allowed to join the clan

7. (Optional) - No quest guides or help databases may be used to aid you in questing or finding monsters that drop certain items. You must figure it out yourself, and find it yourself!
(all credit goes to Brobson for these rules)

I would record and make videos, but sadly i dont have a good enough pc to be able to do that, so this is my only form of logging my stats, goals, and progress.

My current goal is 50 all stats, hopefully i can knock that out in a month, but with college and homework etc, and still trying to maintain a social life, it might be abit difficult.

I hope you enjoyed reading, i know ive put in abit much for an opening post, but yeah :D

Here is a picture of my starting stats.

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Moved to the main BlogScape section.

Good luck with your DIY'er. :)

btw - if you use the 'direct' link you can have the image show properly. Just click on the image button (the one that looks like a picture) and paste the direct link and it will look like this:

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So, Kaida is the real version of every fictional science-badass? That explains a lot, actually...

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