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[OSRS] Proximity RunePure/Tank/Mid level PK clan 85+


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Irc channel: #Proximity


Welcome to the clan thread of


We are a rune pure / tank clan that is founded on the ending of the great clan Higher Forces. we are a clan mainly focused on multi combat pking in the P2P server. We are looking to recruit range tank / rune pures who are dedicated to clan warring and who have had past experiences in the multi combat zone in Runescape.

We do have a TS3 chat available for members only. If accepted into clan Private message high ranks for Ts Info. TS3 is a clan requirement.

You MUST Attend atleast 3 PK trips a month.

No: Skipping Official Trips! If you cannot attend PM a Rank on *** and tell them why.

No: Teleporting from Official Clan Pk Trips or Events. When you're PKing on your own time or pking during an unofficial midweek; however, Teleporting is allowed.

No: 1-Iteming. If you can't afford decent gear to PK with, you shouldn't be in the wilderness to begin with. If you're caught you will receive a strike.

No: Attacking Clan-Mates, there is no tolerance for this whatsoever, unless a DM/Fight has been arranged beforehand.

No: Scamming/Phishing/DDoSing/Hacking. If this happens you will be automatically booted.


K A S H 1

K1ller jnr


K A S H 1


High Council:




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If people are still searching for a rune pure / range tank clan in OSRS join mine called 'Vengeance'.

It's currently the most active  and biggest one.




Clan chat: V Public

Website/Forums: www.tastevengeance.com


Rune Pures - Voiders - Zerkers - Range Tanks


The biggest Rune Pure & Range Tank Clan in OSRS.


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