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The History of RuneScape PDF documentary

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Hello everyone,


I am posting here to share The History of RuneScape PDF documentary that I released in July. I am not sure if this is the right forum, but the PDF might fall under "creative work".



A little bit of information:


The PDF is 324 pages long and describes in great detail the development of the game since DeviousMUD. The RuneScape History Project, as it was called prior to its release, started in 2011 as a relatively short thread on the RuneScape forums. Then a little later I posted a second version which spanned 39 pages on the RS forums. The PDF is essentially a third version, but more elaborate and with attention to more topics. Below is a screenshot of the PDF's contents:





Over sixty people have helped me during the creation of this PDF and its prior RS thread versions. I was fortunate to be able to interview quite a few notable people for it, such as Andrew Gower, His Lordship, Jebrim, Lilyuffie88, Rab, Suomi, Tks, Water, Whitemagem, Zarfot and many more.


The public release of the PDF took place on 26th July on my Twitter account (@RsHistoryJuly), where I still post new tweets every now and then. Thanks to being retweeted 50+ times, it took just a week for the PDF to accumulate 10k unique views (IP-based). So far I have received a lot of positive feedback, so I am sure that you would enjoying reading it. One of the reasons why I wrote this PDF is to teach the RS community about the rich history that this game has, so I hope to be able to share it with as many people as possible. :)


If you are interested in this PDF, you can access it by going to my Twitter profile (@RsHistoryJuly - click) or by using the direct link below:



Have fun reading it. :)






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