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Killer to Skiller - Pure Skiller - YouTube Series

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Hi guys,
I'm a new YouTuber, hoping to grow. I don't just play Runescape on my YouTube channel but I just launched a pure skiller, since I recently maxed my main. I've never played a pure before, let along a pure skiller, so it might be interesting.
I've decided my goals are:
- Level 20 in all skills
- Level 50 in all skills
- Level 70 in all skills
- Level 80 in all skills
- Level 90 in all skills
- Then begin working on 99s
Of course I have to make money and smart decisions along the way, without smacking an NPC and ruining my nice little level 3.
I decided to record my progress and so the first episode is live and can be found below. Any love you can share by subscribing and liking my videos would be much appreciated!


First episode:




Latest episode:





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Second video has just gone live. It's similar to the first, but continuing getting level 20. Videos after this will be focused on each level 50 I obtain, with the clips sped up rather than me talking all the time. Thanks for watching so far guys, I hope you continue :)



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