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The Lost Radiants is Reborn! Looking For Founders!


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Hello and Welcome!

We are The Lost Radiants! We are a new clan that is forming with the lead of 2 veteran players who are returning to the game after a long break and are returning to experience all of the end game that we have missed out on and all of the new content that is being released moving forward. We are looking to form a clan with other people who genuinely love playing the game and having a good time. We currently run a clan on Destiny, so we have had experience organizing and running a clan. We want to stress a FAMILY feel between our clan members. Lots of clans become bloated and the members become out of touch and don’t really know each other we are going to prevent that. We make sure that the clan doesn’t grow out of control and maintains its close feel. There are no level requirements and the only requirement to join is an active membership. Our home world is w73. We are more than willing to help anybody wanting to learn to boss, and are looking for players willing to teach others and help create a vibrant community. We have a discord server and that will currently be our primary form of communication outside of the game. If we ever grow to need a website we will have that as well. We plan on trying to cultivate a very active clan event system that would include, but is not limited to, bossing, minigames, and skilling competitions. We are just starting out so high level positions will be available, and the opportunity to build something really cool will come along with that. Feel free to reach out to Adicus or Loquax in game, Adicus' friends chat, or message us here. If you would like to help us found the clan please reach out to us as we need some dedicated keys!


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